Re-do list

Whenever I make a to-do list I wish I could make another one. A re-do list.

Take back the words yelled in anger (probably in the car because I recently moved to a city where how to properly merge in traffic terrifies and/or alludes most of the population). Retrieve the email sent before further review—-or the one sent multiple times (and now seemingly psychotically) on a “smartphone” that would better serve as a door stop. Put down the cupcake. Stand in his presence a little bit longer. Drive past the Target. Stick to the budget. Dodge the falling guitar amp (yep, seriously).

I like the start of a new month and, at times like these, a brand-new year because it’s a clean slate ready for life’s giant disasters and overwhelmingly fantastic surprises. So, I will focus on the to-dos and look back as humorously (or as little) as possible on the re-dos. Here’s to a brand new year!

Neglect the effect

If I threw a quarter over the rim of the Grand Canyon I’d never know its fate. It might disrupt the life of an unsuspecting creature or simply land, bounce, roll and skid. The physics don’t really interest me, but the fact that I’d never have any idea what happened does. I could take the cause and neglect the effect.

I’m trying to do that now with an onslaught of anxious thoughts, many heavy and burdensome, some unworthy and nonsensical, but all garnering a voice just the same.  The voice is loud and bossy and the thoughts are taking up prime real estate in my mind—space and energy better devoted to noble things such as creativity, intentionality at work and play, and even the beauty of the snow at sunset (it comes early these days, but at least it signs off with pink-hued reflections).

Could I let these thoughts skid down the side wall and rocks and rough terrain of my mind into the hollowness of a canyon’s disdain and just let them go?

Unresolved and unacknowledged, I will let them tip over and roll into the chasm where they belong. I will be freed up to get back to living well and moving about the world in a better way.

So, cheers to 2013 and the less reckless, more intentional abandon of neglecting the effect.